Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Turbo Kickboxing

Yes, my friends. I went to the 10:00 Turbo Kickboxing class and kicked some butt.

Ashley went with me. She is now my new workout partner. I asked Kalie if she wanted to go, too. She made some weird noise and I took it as a no.

As I stood at the door with the other 100 people waiting to stampede, I struck up a conversation with the gal in front of me. She told me that I would probably have a hard time this time around, but "stick with it and you'll be fine". Oky Doky.

The doors opened, and men and women literally raced for the front. I'm a front kind of gal also, so I elbowed, I mean politely took my place front and center. Being a teacher, I know how important front and center is when trying to learn something new.

Anyway. The teacher asked if anyone wanted to know anything before we started. No one spoke. I timidly asked if she was going to lead the first timers through this painful experience. She quickly, and I mean in 27 seconds flat, went over ALL the different moves we were expected to perform. I looked at Ashley. She being tall, blonde, and only 18 had a smirk of confidence on her that not even a nervous mother could break.

The music started. The kicking, jabbing, upper cut, upper cut, side step and kick routine started. I took it a bit easy. After all, I have a bad back. Did I ever mention that I'm a little clumsy as well? The music continued for ONE HOUR. I sweated, I kicked the girl behind me, I laughed, I upper cutted while everyone else was jabbing. But, you know what? I burned calories, and that's why I'm there. It is so good to be 44 and not care anymore!

Later in the afternoon, I called my gyno for the all important visit. As I was speaking to her secretary, Liz, I heard Dr. Gonzalez mention something to her. Liz said that Dr. Gonzalez saw me in class today. She was in the back.

Then I heard the laughing over the phone.


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