Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer with a One Year Old!

Today was park day. Life with a one year old means ALWAYS having a plan. Which involves being out of the house. DAILY.

Gone are the days of alternating between lying on the couch reading Martha Stewart Living and consuming massive amounts of Food Network cooking shows. Rachel Ray? Who's Rachel Ray??

Today we decided two parks were in order. First the Nature Center. What an amazing place. I live next to a gajillion acre park. There are four or five sections each with fun things to do: train rides, paddle boats on the lake, duck ponds, library,
tennis, softball, playgrounds, and a nature center. And when Austin grows up and wants to join in the model airplane flying, remote powered boat races, and archery, it's just a walk or bike ride away.

Jaycie, Ashley and Austin on the trail

Ashley, Austin and me

We all love the turtles

After the nature center, we went to the playground park. We pushed Austin in a swing until he couldn't see straight anymore!

Tomorrow is the National Train Show. Model trains, trains made out of legos, and train rides. God have mercy. This is only the beginning......

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