Saturday, July 12, 2008

And then a Day at the Beach

Well, I must say, I'm mighty proud. Yes ma'am. Mighty proud. Not only did I work out 3 days during the week, I did a double workout today. At 8:00 AM, I was turbo kicking with the best of them. Then at 9:00 we went straight into a SET hour - cardio with weights. I celebrated by eating a Hershey's chocolate bar. I believe in the rewards system.

My mom and I then took Austin to the beach. What a beautiful day. Sorry for those of you that are in heat waves, hurricanes, or whatever else our bizarre weather throws at us. We played hard, then went to Golden Spoon. Okay, two treats. Austin was exhausted, but didn't feel like sleeping. So okay, into the pool with you. We swam and played in the waterfall until he was crying. Not even overhead helicopters could cheer up this boy. A short walk to look at spinning pinwheels, then back home.

It's funny. While we're out. No problemo. He is the happiest, quietest, most content looking at everything around him little boy. But at home... Holy Moly. Chase him up the stairs, down the stairs, away from the plants, yada yada yada...

I bought Todd a new grill for Father's Day. We pulled out the box it came in, put Austin in it and filled it with toys. Nope. Austin wasn't having any of it. I sat in the box with him and his toys. This worked for all of 4 minutes. Time for dinner. Nope. Not eating.... Okay, bathtime. He loves water so this was entertainment for 18 minutes. Todd finally got him a bottle when my head started spinning around and now the two of them are bonding. From down in the depths of my office - I can still hear him crying. It must be hard being 1, going to the beach, eating ice cream, swimming in your pool, having meals cooked for you, cleaned up after you, a nice warm bath drawn for you, a warm bottle of milk served to you with soft music filling the room.... No, I'm not bitter.

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