Friday, July 25, 2008

Stopped Dead in my Tracks

I love to plan.
I love to make lists.
I'm such a control freak that I actually put times next to my items on the list.

This was a whirlwind week with many activities planned. My husband's daughter, Jaycie, is down from Alaska visiting for 2 weeks. This Sunday is Austin's first birthday. And Todd is surprisingly slow at work. All adding up to lots of fun entertainment for me to plan. So plan I did.


Somewhere between the Orange County Fair, the Getty Villa, and the Santa Monica pier, Austin got a fever. Now, he is a trooper. He'll party with the best of them. No slowin him down. But. As a responsible mother, uh hem, I had to cancel the Aquarium today and most likely the Concert in the Park tonight.

We're hoping we can still go to Palm Springs tomorrow and Sea World for his birthday on Sunday. But, that is a wait and see kinda thing. For now, I think I'll make that dreaded doctor's appointment since it's Friday, and we all know that without medical attention his fever will reach an all time high over the weekend.

So, instead of a fun packed day, I'll go to the DMV (I've needed to do this for a few days now), head to the doctor's office, and maybe hit the grocery store. Oh, joy.

No worries. There's always next week to plan!

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