Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time on my hands...

It looks like I might be able to bring my blog site up to date! Currently, I have a terrific student teacher in my classroom. One that needs little inspiration, correction, or modeling. She picks things up quickly and is very organized. Because of this, I have time on my hands. Not such a great thing for a classroom teacher.
My files have been cleaned out, all the kids are tested and up to speed, bulletin boards are beautiful, even the closets are clean. Did I mention that I am a special education teacher with 5 absolutely amazing aides as well. Everyone has their job to do, so we really do run like clockwork in here! Hate to say it, but I could actually work myself out of a job training all these fantastic men and women! Besides the fact that my students are pretty terrific as well.

On the home front, Todd brought home a camper that we could say needs a little work! Last weekend we scrubbed the walls, sprayed the counters because of an ant invasion, and shook out all the seat cushions. It looks much better, but we still have lots to do! When Todd noticed a crack in the ceiling, he poked his finger at it and water drizzled down. Now we need to take the ceiling panels off and dry it out. Once we assess that problem, we will move forward to all the other areas needing our attention. This will be a one step at a time process I believe!

Austin is doing great in school (knock on wood). I have come to believe that whenever I praise my kids, the opposite will happen within a day or two.... this has made me very leery of saying anything good. Isn't that sad! Anyway, school seems to be getting better all the time. He sat in Circle Time yesterday and actually got up and danced and sang. We've gone from him running around the room, screaming to be outside to sitting on a lap involuntarily. He wouldn't let Todd participate at all with singing and dancing. He resigned himself to sitting on his daddy's lap, but that was all. Now he participated for the first time yesterday! Hooray!

Kalie made the TNT sorority at school. She performed in the Spring Sing on Friday night and her group won two awards: Most Ticket Sales & Women's Division. They did a song/skit based on Alice in Wonderland. It was fun to see her so happy and involved! She has an interview today. She wants to be selected as the Queen for the Mini Grand Prix; this is the largest school event which brings in much needed funds for the school.

Ashley is doing great in school as well. She is receiving A's on her projects in Art which encourages her and strengthens her belief that her future is somehow in this industry.

Since I am posting at school, I will try to bring in a CD of recent pics to share. Hopefully, I will be consistent with the updates since I am not chronically Austin's upbringing in any other way!