Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Perfect Angel


I called my girlfriend the other day to ask for help. She's known in these parts as Preschool Super Nanny. She's even thinking about creating a hotline for hopeless preschool moms. Like me.

Todd took Austin to preschool on Monday. The report to me went something like....

Me: How was school today? Did Austin sit in Circle Time?

T: Maybe for a minute or two. Then he got up and ran to the middle of the circle and started clowning around. When I went to get him, he ran out the other side of the circle. As I came around the outside of the circle, he ran back through the middle.

Me: OMG. Did you catch him???

T: Well, then he saw a trash truck drive by the window and he started yelling, "Twash twuk, Twash, twuk" as he ran for the door to go outside.

Me: I'm sorry.

T: Helpless.

I called my friend. She started asking me all kinds of questions about his social situations, etc.... and I realized - He is perfectly fine, just a silly, outgoing, at times non-compliant boy. But he is so sweet. And it didn't help that Carmen gave him doughnut holes for breakfast.

So, today, I went with Todd and Austin to preschool. Santa was coming today. Santa had a present for Austin. We walked in the room, straight over to the circle and I sat down. I put Austin on my lap and told him Santa was coming. We sang the first song, danced the dance and then sat again as Santa arrived. Austin sat on my lap until his name was called to go up and get his gift. He looked at his book while Santa handed out the rest of the presents. Then we made a bag to hold all the other treats Austin was going to receive this morning. We decorated a picture frame with our picture in it (which will go in Todd's stocking), and made one other craft. Outside Austin listened and played on the bikes. We came in for the last circle time, and Austin participated. He did great today! Yeah!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm not a video game player. I wasn't really into Pac Man. I don't play Play Station 2, WII, or Guitar Hero, even though we own all of them. I am surrounded by gamers.
However, I have found a game I'm thoroughly enjoying; It's called Farmville, and it's on Facebook.

First, you have to be on Facebook. Second, you go to the applications button and click on the corn icon. Then you can begin to create a farm.

I think I like it because I always felt I was a country girl. Yes, I like having a housekeeper, yes, I like sleeping in clean hotels, yes, I like buying my food in the grocery store, but every time I pick a tomato off our plant, I feel good all over!~

Farmville is my way of having a farm and living a little in the country. Many of my friends from high school have become my neighbors. It's fun to fertilize their crops, send them gifts, and stay connected. IF you begin to have a farm, or already have one, let me know so we can be neighbors!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Penne with Broccoli, Panchetta & White Beans

Pretty simple and pretty good.

I started by boiling water for my penne, and I always drop my broccoli on top of whatever pasta I'm cooking in order to blanch it quickly.

In a large saute pan, I put in about 1 T olive oil and 5 chopped slices of pancetta browning it for about 2 - 3 minutes. I added 1/2 chopped onion, 2 cloves garlic chopped, and some left over sausage (kielbasa) from breakfast yesterday. I got that nice and caramelized and added 1 can of white northern beans. I drained the can of liquid first and then just dumped in the beans. I love adding beans because it's an instant thickener. I removed the broccoli from the boiling water and added it to the saute pan. I sliced about 8 grape tomatoes and added them as well. I tossed everything, added salt and pepper. When the pasta was done, I tossed that in as well. I also added a couple of serving size spoonfuls of pasta water to loosen it up a bit. I stirred gently (really kinda folding all the ingredients) and plated. Last, I topped it with shredded Parmesan.

Served with a salad, it was light, fresh, and tasty.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I wuv you too, Mom

Austin is at that sweet age when I say, "I love you, Austin", he snuggles up next to me and closes his eyes, sweetly in a soft voice says, "I wuv you too, Mom". He's a little like a kitten rubbing his face and hair on my neck while he says it. If my day is busy, hectic, stressful, monotonous, all I have to do is replay those words in my head!

The bright spot today was completing my report cards (actually about 3/4ths), finishing progress reports, planning all December holiday crafts, scheduling all parent/teacher conferences, meeting with my Valet Parking crew (over 60 kids strong:)), and planning the rest of this year! Whew!

Now I have my office at home to tackle... This is when I start to replay, "I wuv you too, Mom"........