Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Sweet Days of Summer

Does every city have Concerts in the Park? I sure hope so. Our great city of Long Beach has one every Friday night. The LB Municipal Band plays everything from Dixieland to Broadway tunes - each Friday being a different theme.

It starts at 6:30, but getting there a little early helps. Usually the crowd averages between 500 - 600 people. Picnics are everywhere. We brought KFC - very low end. I walked around with Austin to check out the other fare.... tables were set up with candles and wine, cheeses, fruit, handmade sandwiches, pastas, and yummy looking desserts. There were pizzas, lots of take-out, and the park even has Hagen Daas and BBQ'd hot dogs for sale. Kids and dogs run randomly throughout the tables, and no one minds because it is warm, outside, and the music fills the air.

Check out your city for a Concert in the Park. This week I have my eye on a Movie in the Park down towards the beach.... All are free, and all provide great family fun!

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