Monday, June 30, 2008

And So It Begins.....

Today was the day.

That old familiar drive back to the gym.

Without Julio there to push and prod me, I wondered what kind of workout I would do. It really helps to have someone there pushing and prodding.

I decided that I would walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes. That would be a decent start. I walked at a pace of 3.5 - 3.8 mixing it up every few minutes, and set the incline between 0 - 2.

As I walked, I noticed through the glass window the men and women using a step and weights bobbing up and down. And the realization came that they were all being pushed and prodded.

Yes. This would become my workout for the next several weeks until I was feeling good enough to push and prod myself once again.

So, here's the upcoming schedule:
Monday 8:00AM Step/Weights
Tuesday 10:00AM Lift (intense strength training - treadmill for cardio..)
Wednesday 10:00AM Turbo Kick - I did this once before.... we'll have to see.....
Thursday 10:00AM Step/Weights
Friday 8:00AM Yoga
or 10:00AM Lift

Sounds good, right? I weighed in this morning. Last time I weighed myself on that scale I was 16 pounds lighter - so that's the goal....

I'll keep you posted.

I need to jump in the shower and get ready for my last shopping excursion with my Girl Scouts. They have all graduated, and as a token of their 13 years of scouting, they are all picking out a Tiffany's piece of jewelry with the money they earned over the years. We were suppose to go on a senior trip, but trying to come up with a date that all could go was the equivalence of turning water into wine. Yes, it was on the miracle spectrum. So a piece of jewelry and lunch it is.

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