Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today is the Getty Villa

Yesterday was lunch with friends then off and running to the Orange County Fair. What a hoot! Austin saw elephants, goats, chickens, rabbits, bulls, water buffalo and so much more! He loved all the animals and let everyone know with his ear splitting yell! He cannot contain his excitement, and it balls up into one hoop'n holler.

Today we will be visiting the Getty Villa. The place where J. Paul Getty lived. His museum with all his art and furniture is amazing. A stone building etched into the hillside overlooking LA. But, his home, what a treasure. It is filled with marble, granite, art, pools, gardens, the likes of which very few compare. It is set in the beautiful surroundings of Pacific Palisades. It always amazes me when someone (a lottery winner, a rock star, movie star, CEO,....) has that much money to him/herself. I always wonder why we have homeless and poverty stricken areas in the world. If only one person could not hoard all that money. I know that they also give back, but what if they made the same as the average Joe and the profits went to feed the world.... OK another blog...

I'm sure we will oogle with the best of them as we walk through his mega mansion.

Tomorrow we will all be visiting the Long Beach Aquarium and then going to the Concert in the Park. Saturday is Palm Springs and Sunday is Sea World in San Diego....Whew...

Comment me and tell me your week's plan! I need some good ideas!

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Lysa TerKeurst said...

Oh sigh... my plans?

*Writing my book

* Visiting the new Target down the street

* Writing my book

* Checking out Blurb... based on some great suggestions by my super duper blog readers

* Writing my book

* Having coffee with my girls at the new Starbucks down the street from me

* Writing my book

Are you detecting the theme of a looming deadline here? Yeah... that's my life. But in the strangest of ways, I love it.

Boy do I wish you lived down the street from me, I'd pay you to cook for me. Your menus always sound so totally yummy!!!

If you have any really easy recipes, I'd love to see them.