Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pictures from Big Bear..... Austin & Ashley

Monday, February 15, 2010

Home, Mommy

This past weekend we spent in Big Bear. All I can do is pray that I actually download pictures from the past 4 fabulous days. Snow was pushed to the sides of the road in 4 foot walls. The playground was covered up to the top of the slide with packed white powder. The lake, the beautiful lake, was covered in ice. A gigantic sheet of ice. Beauty was everywhere.

From Tuesday to Thursday prior to us leaving for Big Bear Friday afternoon, Todd took Austin on an impromptu trip up to Sacramento. Many things happened on the trip:
Todd and Austin were able to celebrate Granny Ruth's 92nd birthday, Austin was able to play with his cousins, aunt, uncle, grandparents (unfortunately, he never warmed up to anyone except his cousin, Colin), Austin was able to see horses and chickens all over the ranch (except he never warmed up to any of the animals), and Todd brought home a camper. Fun! Now we can plan a camping trip! All we need to do is fumigate the darn thing and hope all the ants go and live somewhere else. It's old and feeble, but with some TLC we are hoping to bring it back to life!

And the other thing that happened was that Austin became a recording of, "Home, Mamma, Home". Even in Big Bear with me, he continually said, "Home, Mamma, Home"

I'll blog later about our trip! Austin is here now asking to play Thomas videos on the computer. Home, sweet, Home!