Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hopefully a False Alarm

Have I mentioned that I'm 44. Did I ever let you know that I have 2 biological GROWN girls ( in June they will both be officially in college). Did I forget to say that Husband #2's daughters live in Alaska and only come to visit. If you read my "100 things about me" blog, then you'd also be right on the money when you conclude that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel. I have already scheduled Palm Springs in March and April, Virginia and Cabo San Lucas in May, Big Bear in June, and hopefully a cruise around the Mediterranean in August. Oh, and I have an angel of a 7 month old (which will be accompanying me on all the trips - yes, at 44 they bend to your schedule, not the other way around! :))

Anyway, Why, do you ask, would you have another child when you so clearly have GROWN girls already, and you LOVE to travel?

Well, when I met husband #2 on (I think I really should turn off my computer at this stage in my life, but now I'm addicted to blogging), we knew each other for a very short time before we knew we were destined to marry (all of about 2 weeks). We were engaged on a trip to Yellowstone National Park - yes, you guessed it - in front of Old Faithful Geyser. I now call him my "faithful geizer". Anyway, husband #2 did not have a chance to raise his girls. Kayla, 20, was 3 when he met her mother. They had Jaycie, 13, a few years later, but the relationship ended and he moved back to California. I am proud to say that he has traveled there yearly and talks with them as often as possible to stay a connected dad! They come here as well!

Anyhoo, of course we talked about the prospect of having children. Basically, it went something like:
H#2 - You know, I would like to have a child.
Me - Really, I don't.
H#2 - I will feel really jipped if I don't have a chance to be a hands on father.
Me - Really, ..... um ...... I already raised 2 girls, and I think I'm done.
H#2 - I have so much to offer a child, and I would really, really like the chance to raise a son or daughter.
Me - Really,..... I'm not really up for it.

Yada Yada Yada. Anyway, you get the drift. Sooooo on our honeymoon, under a beautiful Antigua sky, I finally relinquished and said I would give it a try for one year and then he would have to be surgically fixed.
I felt very sure I would not get pregnant. But, I wanted to be an obedient wife.

A year went by.

I thought it would be callous of me to say on our anniversary, "You know, I made an appointment with your doctor today....." so I waited about 2 weeks. We had another conversation:

Me - Well, it's been over a year, and I'm not getting any younger!
H#2 - Do you think we could try for just a couple more months.
Me - (Surely I'm not destined to be pregnant) Sure honey, if that's what you really want.

November 30th
Me - Holy sh - (Sorry, I really did say it) as I stared at the solid line across the pregnancy test.
H#2 - Hoorah!! Yada Yada Yada

To say that I was freaked out is about the biggest understatement one could make. I was not prepared. This is why for 9 months I prayed, "Dear Lord, let this child be content to sit on a couch, play with a box, and be a sweet as my dog." I was terrified. Did I mention that I had my tubes tied when Austin (C-section) was born?

Well, Austin is here. And I praise God throughout everyday for this absolute miracle. He is truly an angel dropped from the living room of heaven. I am honored to be his mom, and I love watching dad play, kiss, and cuddle with his son.

But..... a week ago I had a very unusual menstrual cycle. I joked that I might be pregnant. In fact, I asked a friend of mine who is pregnant if she would pee on a pregnancy test for an April Fools joke I was going to play on H#2.
While at dinner last night with the lemondrops, they informed me that you can still get pregnant even if your tubes are tied.... WHO KNEW THIS???? That the tubes can actually grow back together.. WHY WASN'T I TOLD?? That you have to sign a disclaimer so you can't sue the doctor if you get pregnant... DID I SIGN SOMETHING?????

Tomorrow I am going to get a pregnancy test. Let's just hope I still need to use my friends.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Ordinary Day

Just another ordinary day. I thank God that Bo is doing better - or at least not choking through the last 2 nights. He's been on a walk and laid in the sun today while Austin, my mom, and I played on the front lawn.

Went to dinner with the lemondrops at Bucca de Beppo and loved, loved, loved their green apple and candied walnut salad. We dipped their homemade bread in oil and balsamic vinegar and shared the sample platter: chicken canalones (I have no idea how to spell that, but I hope you know what I mean!), goat cheese raviolies, manicotti, and stuffed shells with fennel and some spicy meat. All in all, a very yummy meal topped off with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Caught the last bit of American Idol. I hope the guy that sang John Lennon's "Imagine" wins.

Good night.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

100 Things About Me

  1. I'm not sure if I can think of 100 things
  2. I'm a libra
  3. I teach special education
  4. 4th - 6th grade
  5. at a technology magnet school
  6. I have 2 biological daughters
  7. 1 biological son
  8. 2 step daughters
  9. I love the beach
  10. Chocolate is my fix all
  11. I tried Weight Watchers
  12. but ate too many points
  13. I worked out for 10 years
  14. then hurt my back
  15. I love to run
  16. but can't anymore because of my back
  17. this is easier than I thought
  18. I love my silver hoop earrings
  19. I accepted Jesus when I was 13
  20. mainly because I was afraid to go to hell
  21. now I know better
  22. I have a master's degree in special ed
  23. I have a student teacher in my class right now
  24. I lost all my baby weight except 6 pounds
  25. I love American Idol
  26. which I just realized I am missing right now
  27. I love Food Network
  28. I want to be on The Amazing Race
  29. I was on Hollywood Squares
  30. and won 4 times
  31. earning over $40,000
  32. so I bought the staff at school lunch
  33. I have traveled to Europe twice
  34. cruised the Mediterranian from Greece back to Washington DC
  35. I'll never cross an ocean on a ship again
  36. I get sea sick
  37. cruised down the Danube river
  38. on a riverboat
  39. from Hungary to Germany
  40. saw Elton John perform at a castle in Austria
  41. I stood outside the gates peering in
  42. so I saw it for free
  43. I went to Japan
  44. and stayed in the Japanese Alps
  45. also in the major cities
  46. I've been to Israel by myself
  47. actually with Benny Hin ministries
  48. I was born into a Jewish home
  49. I'm going to see Kalie in Virginia in May
  50. also to Cabo San Lucas in May
  51. I love Big Bear
  52. I love teaching Math
  53. I don't love teaching writing
  54. I type fast
  55. I love to cook
  56. My husband has only had the same dish about 3 times
  57. I make a new recipe every night
  58. I have an idea for a new Food Network show
  59. Cooking weight watcher type dinners
  60. I'm thinking about becoming a principal
  61. I have a sister
  62. and two brothers
  63. this is getting harder
  64. I drive a Saturn
  65. I love hands free calling
  66. and Onstar
  67. I went to Antigua
  68. and Barbados for my honeymoon
  69. I'm part of a group of gals called the lemondrops
  70. we've known each other for years
  71. I don't like to dance
  72. My kitchen is torn up right now
  73. I cook on a campstove
  74. hooked up to a propane can
  75. but I still do gourmet!
  76. Austin is my little joy
  77. I miss Kalie
  78. Ashley graduates in June
  79. I eat oatmeal for breakfast
  80. I was going for the junior olympics in skiing when I was younger
  81. but I hurt both knees
  82. going down a run at Mammoth
  83. I went to Mammoth almost every other weekend
  84. while I was growing up
  85. to ski and frolic
  86. I almost became a court reporter
  87. I drive too fast
  88. and get too impatient on the road
  89. I pray about this every morning
  90. I listen to christian radio
  91. I sleep on my side
  92. or snore on my back
  93. I worry if Austin is too cold at night
  94. so I check on him a lot
  95. and fall in love with him more
  96. everytime I see his face
  97. This wasn't very hard
  98. I love a challenge
  99. I was the only one in my grade school
  100. to earn the President's Physical Fitness Award all 6 years

Monday, February 25, 2008

An Uncluttered Life: Now or Later

An Uncluttered Life: Now or Later

Now or Later

We have a big dilemna brewing in our house.

When my girls, Kalie (19) and Ashley (17), were just 3 & 4 years old, husband #1 brought home a postcard looking puppy. A purebred yellow lab that could melt your heart with just one glance. He is the sweetest dog that ever lived (those of you with the sweetest dogs that ever lived in your house know what I mean!). He is so sweet that everyday while I was pregnant with Austin I would pray, "Dear Lord, Let this child be content enough to sit on the couch and play with a box and be as sweet as my dog!" :-) I'm happy to say that Austin is that, and sooooooooo much more! Thank you, Jesus!

Anyway, Bo, our yellow lab, is now 14. He has the heart of a 5 year old, but the body of a 20 year old (dog, that is). He is now having a few accidents in the house, because something in his lyrnax is paralyzed, he tends to choke on mucas throughout the night, can't walk quite as well, but still is the sweetest dog that ever lived.

So, the dilemna. When do you put a dog down. This is the only dog I have ever had. He soaked up all my tears with his yellow coat while I was going through a difficult divorce. He gave my girls too many rides to count on his back. Austin laughs and is amused by him everyday. But..... I know he is suffering when he is choking throughout the night. I know his legs hurt, even with pain medication. And I really don't want to have to carry him to the doctors when he is dying in my arms.

When is it the humane time to put a dog down?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekly Planner

You can't imagine how excited I was to find this blogsite. I picture it like being in Russia, hearing only Russian people speaking, seeing only Russian hats floating by on people's heads, and then hearing an American voice. A person I could relate to! Quite exciting.

I am a menu planner and an organizing junkie as well. My menu is planned on Saturday, shopped for on Sunday, and lovingly prepared weekdays! This weeks menu will always be on my side bar, but I don't know how to do the links for dishes yet. I was fooling around with this idea a little earlier in the evening, but if someone could help me out..... I'd be much obliged.

Happy planning! :)
An Uncluttered Life


I've decided to start a monthly Bingo group. I used to play Bunko once a month, but I got tired of talking and counting dice at the same time. I'm kinda excited about this new game. My hairdresser was telling me about her group: they pick a theme night once a month and the hostess makes appetizers and drinks to fit the theme. My theme will be St. Patrick's Day. Green everything. I'll make corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot and serve some green looking drink - Sandra Lee is famous for her "cocktail time" so I'll check out her books to see what looks good!

The last time I played Bingo I ended up buying a house.

I was up at our vacation spot in Big Bear sitting on the balcony, drinking coffee, and asking God about whether I should buy the house I grew up in or not. I wasn't hearing much from Him, so I said, "Ok God, if I see a fish jump out of the lake then I should buy the house". Is there anyone else out there that always asks for signs?? Well, it must have been about 2 minutes later when I saw a fish jump in the lake, then another fish jumped, then another fish jumped. I sat there looking quite perplexed. 3 fish. I only asked for one.

I shook my head, got up from the balcony and headed out to play Bingo in the rec room. I especially love Bingo in the rec room. Really any competitive game I'm up for. So, on the way to the rec room I said, "Ok God, I asked for 1 fish and I saw 3 fish jump in the lake, so if I win the third game of Bingo then I'll know it was you, and I should buy the house." For me, whenever I ask for a sign, it always seals the deal one way or another.

So there I was about to play picture frame for game number three and as the caller kept calling numbers I was getting pretty close. But I'm a looker. Not a a gorgeous gal kinda looker, but I like to see how everyone else is doing, so I look around a lot. I was a little nervous because a few others were getting close. Finally I heard G50 and it was all over. "BINGO!" I yelled, and I knew I'd be buying the house. Isn't God good. He shows us our future in jumping fish, Bingo, and pretty much anything else we can think to ask for.

Well this time around I'm only looking for some laughs and fellowship with other Bingo lovers, but you never know!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I have to admit it, I have no idea what I am doing on the blog thing. I am having so much fun, but I need to apologize for taking up so many spaces on "It Coulda' Been Worse" Saturday Posts. I have never linked before, and as you can see, it took me 3 times to get it right. Anyway, here's the recipe for Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. Perhaps next week, I'll try one of my really great recipes! This was just an excuse to try and link!


1 bag chocolate chips
1 T oil
3 baskets of beautiful strawberries (leave stems on)

Melt chocolate chips and oil in bowl in micro. About 2 minutes. Stir. Wash strawberries and dry. Dip strawberries in chocolate and set on wax paper. Put in fridge until chocolate has hardened. Eat until your hearts content!

Weekly Dinner Plans

I am of the opinion that if I do not have a weekly menu for my family, they will starve. It is so hard for me to come home at the end of a work day, take my 7 month old out for an outing, and then think of something to cook at 4:00 PM.

To make sure that all will be fed during the week, I sit down every Saturday and make a weekly menu. I have two pieces of paper out - one for the recipes and another for the grocery store ( I usually shop on Sunday). I list Monday through Friday one on of the pieces of paper and begin going through my cookbooks. I love cooking, and my husband jokes that I only watch one channel on TV - you guessed it! The Food Network! Whether I get my recipes from my cookbooks or from online at, I come up with easy, impressive, tasty dishes that usually take 30 - 40 minutes to prepare.

I decided to share my weekly planner with all of you. I'll be changing it every Saturday. Of course, with this or that popping up, sometimes a dinner gets shuffled to a different night or my husband surprises me with a night out! Either way, make it your own. Take the recipes you like and leave the ones you don't!

I will include where the recipes come from: Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals, Sandra Lee's crockpot book, etc. and if I can figure out how to do links for the recipes - I will!

Happy Cooking!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Wins?

Yesterday, my daughter, Kalie, called from her new home in Virginia. She told me that she had had the craziest day. I told her that my day seemed crazy as well. I asked her to share with me what had happened during her day, and then I would tell her about mine.

She began with the usual work was hectic, I handled a million different tasks (she works at the Double Tree Hotel), a loud, obnoxious woman made a scene in the lobby, and a friend of hers proposed to her over the phone from Italy. I said, "Wow! What did you say?" Of course she gave him all the reasons why it would never work out (hello, he lives in Italy) and if he was serious to ask again in 5 years. I mentioned that "in person" would be nice as well. She then asked me about my day.

I began with the usual work was hectic, I handled maybe a hundred different tasks (I'm a teacher!), one of my students had a temper tantrum in the classroom, and while at Target with Austin (her 7 month old brother) he threw up all over the floor, stopped breathing and had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital. He's fine now. He stopped breathing for only about 10 seconds, but he turned very white and it was very, very scary.

She said, "Ok, Mom, you win."

As I listened to my girl share about her day at work, the many tasks she accomplished, and how a boy thought highly enough about her to propose, I thought, "You're right. I win!"

There's a First Time for Everything!

How many of you remember your first kiss? How about buying your first car or purchasing your first home? Well, this is my first blog. I accidently discovered blogging the other night, and now I'm hooked! Since this is my first post, why don't I take some time to introduce myself.

My friends call me Cayce, my kids call me Mom, and my husband calls me whenever he's hungry! This is actually husband #2. Between the two of us, we have 4 teenage girls: 20, 19, soon to be 18, and 13. July 27, 2007, we were blessed with a little boy!! Ya hoo!!! Fears of more manicures, pedicures, hair weaving, prom dresses, sharing my make-up, losing my shoes (only to find them in the girls' closets) vanished before my eyes! Instead, visions of dad playing ball outside while I read magazines on the couch floated before me like wispy clouds on a breezy day!

At 44, God showed me that once again His plan is perfect! I was a little hesitant to start all over again (my girls are 19 and soon to be 18!), but He has blessed us with an amazingly happy son. I did pray for 9 months that he would be content to sit on the couch and play with a box and be as sweet as my dog. He's that and so much more! Isn't God great!
Share with me about your children.