Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Been Almost A Year

since I had a day to myself. I really can't remember ever being alone in the house this past year. On the 2 occasions I do remember the 15 minutes of complete quietness, I just stood like a dope looking around. Todd was back from the market with the milk long before I found my Martha Stewart and living room couch.

Well today Todd took Jaycie and Austin to the California Speedway to watch a friend of his race his car. Todd loves Nascar. One year for Christmas I bought him 40 laps on the race track up in Fontana.

So.... with my new found freedom, I spent the day like this.

I woke up late and had my coffee. Is there anything better than coffee in the morning? I think not.

Then I took Austin for a walk to Grammie's house. She was actually sitting in her kitchen when she heard Austin screaming out of pure happiness at her approaching house. We were just turning the corner 3 houses away from hers when she came out to greet us. I'm sure all the sleeping neighbors were thrilled on their Sunday morning to have my son so happy to see Grammie's approaching house.

Church was next. What a great message today. It was about the cycle of getting a deeper relationship with God. If you want the 5 steps, comment me and I will be happy to share!

Todd, Jaycie and Austin were suppose to leave for the race around 11:00. Church is over at 11:15. I was in sheer joy anticipating the quiet house I was about to come home to. Then we turned the corner onto my street and I saw it. My car was still in the driveway. WHAT??? Why was I even surprised. It took them until 12:30 to get out the door.

I was going to a play with my mom at 1:00, so for 30 minutes I stood in my kitchen and enjoyed the quietness - with Paula Dean showing me how to make a scrumptious looking lasagna.

The play was at our little local theater that my mom and I subscribe to every year. It is a blast. First lunch at the local Mexican restaurant, Panchos, then a great little show in a round-about theater. There are 3 sides for the audience to observe the play performed in the center. The sides have 4 rows going up and only about 20 seats across. Very quaint. Today's play was "Of Mice and Men". The Steinbeck classic. It was super!

From there I rushed (the play went long) to a much needed Shiatsu. We used to go weekly. It's now been 5 weeks since I had a massage, and boy did I need it - what with all the Turbo kicking I'm doing now.

Home at last. And no one is here. It is getting dark as I type this, and I'm starting to miss Austin. I'm ready again to give back. The Lord knew what he was doing when he made Sunday the Sabbath day. No work. Relax. Rejuvinate.
What a blessing today was. I will look forward to again next year.

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