Monday, October 5, 2009

What's New on the Homefront...

Dear Journal,
I'm sitting in my classroom, and all the children have left for the day. We just started our Cell to Organisms diagram, and I think/hope they will all learn the five steps: Cells become tissues which become organs which become organ systems which become organisms. How simple is that?? Are we really all that complex? JK

Kalie got her job at the hair salon. She came home with a new color and style: Black and sassy. Looks cute! Ashley ran over and got herself a new look: strawberry blond and Victoria Secret curls. Oh my.

Today was preschool. Only 10 minutes on the yard before we came inside. We painted pumpkins, glued faces on pumpkins, and made a book sequencing how a pumpkin is grown. Very fun! Austin did about 3/4 of it. Or maybe 1/2. Really he just liked the painting part. I've decided to hang his artwork from preschool on the wall in the kitchen for the week that he does it, take a picture of him in front of it, then we can toss the artwork. That might sound callous, however, having raised girls already and knowing how much they can accumulate, besides hating clutter, I think this works best. If he creates a masterpiece, we'll definitely save it!

Dinner tonight will be a favorite pasta dish with fresh tuna that Todd makes. Yum. Somehow it tastes even better when I don't cook it. I think the weekly planner will become a daily look in the freezer for what to make.

Everything else seems to be moving along just fine. We are planning a trip to the Pumpkin patch this weekend. We'll end the day with a Oktoberfest evening. They have a great festival not to far from our house. Hopefully I'll show pictures, Todd somehow lost our Kodak Easyshare program, so I'm a bit at a loss.

Oh well,
Until next time.....