Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Second Time Around

As I was driving along after a day of errands with Austin in tow, I noticed a mom and her little girl waiting on the corner for the stop light. The light was red, and as I stopped, I watched the two for a moment. They were holding hands and looked like they were enjoying their time together. Across the street from them was a park. A BIG park with lots to do. Perhaps they were on their way there.

The light turned green and without any warning, the girl let go of her mother's hand and ran back to a small hill filled with dirt, rocks and a few sparse dandelions. I could see the look of shock, then a bit of impatience, creep into the mom's face as she realized the light would soon change. The girl, however, didn't notice this and headed straight for some precious rocks. She grabbed a few, and I could see the mother's lips shouting, "Hurry up, Come on! We're going to miss the light!" Three cars before me, and then myself, drove through the light while the little girl came skipping back to her mom. I'm not sure if they made the light.

I can relate to this mom. I was reminiscing about the way I was when my daughters were growing up. Unfortunately, I think I was a bit impatient as well. Somehow I thought it was more important to make the green light, than to let them explore, discover, and enjoy the simple things at times. I was in a perpetual hurry. I'm not sure why this was, I just know it was.

Yesterday I took Austin to this same park. We walked along the path just like I did when Kalie and Ashley were little. But instead of walking this 3 mile loop in under 50 minutes so I could burn those unwanted after baby comes along pounds, I stopped under two different trees so I could watch Austin manipulate small little finger foods he is just starting to enjoy. I stopped again when I thought he might be thirsty and like to watch a dog playing. And again when a squirrel family popped up out of nowhere. There wasn't anything I was in a hurry about.

I do remember enjoying Kalie and Ashley when they were junior discoverers, but I know this time around I'm willing to wait for that second green light.

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