Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I saw progress in several areas!

1) Austin is now pushing up on his hands and getting ready to crawl. It is sooo cute. I can't help but hug and squeeze him all day long. After seeing Erin's recent post about Elijah at Embracing My Cup, I realize that I need to take many more pictures as Austin is growing so quickly!

2) Todd's guys were over working on the kitchen today. They took apart the refrigerator wall and changed one of the cabinets. Also, they finished the cabinet in the living room. Next is the trim, sanding, and painting.

3) I finally got my menu planned on Saturday morning. This is huge. It seems like it takes me until almost Monday to finish the planning and grocery shopping. I was able to post at the Saturday Stirrings at It Coulda Been Worse site, but I listed the entire weekly menu - because this week - it is just that good! I hope you try something..... tell me how it comes out!

4) and last, but not least, I've been walking lately trying to lose some unwanted pounds. This morning I stepped on the scale, and I am back down those 3 pounds that have been hanging around for some time now. I still have 5 more to go to get to pre-pregnancy phase, and 11 to get to when my clothes really fit, but hey - 3 pounds is progress!

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