Sunday, April 13, 2008

Always Late For A Party

I pride myself with being on time. Something in me just feels that it is very necessary to be on time. My husband says it's that "Control Freak" thing acting up again.

Today, a good friend of mine had her 50th birthday party. A casual affair - lunch of BBQ hamburgers, chicken and potato salad.

Then I got home and blogged. I looked at the 5 Minute Mom blogsite and realized - I WAS LATE FOR ANOTHER PARTY!

It's true - better late than never. So, I'm glad to have finally arrived!!

I've been blogging for a couple of months now. It is so great to be able to gab with the girls. I do have 2 teenage daughters: 19 & soon to be 18. And, my husband has 2 teenage girls: 20 and 14. We have 1 son together: 8 months precious baby boy!!! What a thrill to do it all over again at 44! No, seriously.

I'm a special education teacher. I received my Masters in that area, and have thought about getting another Masters in Administration - to someday become a principal. BUT..... I really have another dream...

My husband and I would actually LOVE to open a Bed and Breakfast somewhere between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. He'd have a woodshop in the back, I'd have a big garden, and a wrap around porch filled with cozy rockers, overstuffed chairs with the aroma of peach cobbler wafting out of the large french doors off the kitchen..... you get the picture. Did I mention the elementary school nearby where the kids come over to learn how to make wooden objects and work in the said garden, with a cooking class thrown in for good measure?

Anyway, THAT is the dream. Right now, though, our piece of heaven is in Southern California with the beach 10 minutes away. For us, that works just fine, too!

Happy partying!

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Anonymous said...

just found your blog through rocks in my dryer; i was intrigued by the teenaged daughters and baby boy comment, and i had to click over and see your blog! sounds like you have a very full life :) love the meal plan, by the way.