Monday, April 7, 2008

Kitchen Update

It's quite in the house. Ashley and Todd are both gone, the babe is asleep, and Bo is just hangin out. So I think I'll take a few pics and give you an update!
It's coming along! I'm trying to stay positive! We had our big family party yesterday, and my general contractor worked like the dickens over here trying to get things done. It's amazing how long things take.
A few pics of the progress:

The microwave is finally in its spot. We need the oven to go below it - and the trim kit put around both, and the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and the knobs, and a few more cabinets, and the side panel for the fridge, but for now - it's lookin good! I'm just thrilled that the micro is FINALLY off the counter!! Eventually, the oven will be right below it instead of our canned goods!

The campstove is still in full swing, but did you notice the drawers to the right?? They now hide my spices - which will soon debut in the empty pull out drawers on each side of the empty space where the stove will live.

The view from the stove area is at least into a clean room.

Then on the opposite side where my "view all" pantry used to be - now only houses a few baby essentials:

Last, but, certainly not least is the removal of this TV from the counter. A nice, new flat screen will hang on the wall next to the shelves. Did you notice I now have shelves for the dishes?? Beats the heck out of the floor!

It might not look like much to you, but it is heaven to me! Sunday morning we made a big breakfast and had so much counter space I almost cried. I'm in awe of the openess of it all. We used to have a solid wall - floor to ceiling - that separated a tiny, little kitchen from the rest of the house. Having a tri-level where a lot of the action takes place downstairs, you tend to feel a bit out of it. But now - my dream is coming true, and it is open and airy.

I can see the big screen downstairs, the kids in the pool in the backyard, kids running around in the front yard, and even into my bedroom upstairs. I LOVE IT!!

Oh, and here is Bo. He's doing ok. But my step mom said yesterday that she would put him down. She said that he is such a sweet dog that he would never let on how much pain he is in. Todd disagrees. I'm still not sure, and I really don't want to do anything until Kalie comes home for Ashley's graduation in June. I think he'll be fine until then.....

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