Friday, April 11, 2008

Organizing! Yippee!!!!

To have a blog named "An Uncluttered Life" must mean something, right??? Well, today at one of my favorite blogsites, Lysa Terkeurst, President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, challenged us to come up with an organizational problem area in our home.

This was a tough challenge for me. I love organizing and putting everything in its place. The thought of an unorganized area makes it hard for me to get through the day. I could never lay on the couch and read Rachel Ray's Everyday magazine if I knew that the bed wasn't made. I could never sit in the backyard and play in the jacuzzi with Austin, if I knew my family room was a mess. I know I need help, but having an organized home makes me sane!! And it's not that hard to keep up once the initial cleaning and organizing is done.

I do have a confession to make. Regardless of the fact that I truly am unable to function in a mess, I have a nanny that comes in 5 days a week to clean and help take care of Austin. God bless Carmen. My answer to sane living!

Anyway, back to the challenge. I thought and thought about an area in my home that needed help. And I could not come up with a thing. It almost made me depressed. But then I remembered my trunk in the car. Now, I try to keep an organized car as well, but having Austin along means strollers, blankets, toys, diaper bag, extra clothes, and the endless supply of CD's Ashley throws in. I would like a nice organization bin to put all of these items in that looks cute and has easy access. I drive a Saturn Vue. The best car, which I'll rave about in another blog session. Anyway - that's the dilemma. Any help out there would be appreciated!!

You can also go to Karen's site to read about her since she is helping Lysa with the organizing tips!

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