Saturday, March 1, 2008

This Week's Menu!

This is a short week for me! Ya hoo!! I'm off to Palm Springs on Thursday and won't be back to cook until Monday. So, it's all about leftovers this week! H#2 and Austin won't be in P.S. until Friday, so I planned enough for them until we reunite!

Happy Cooking! Go to Saturday Stirrings at It Coulda Been Worse to see more ideas for recipes!

P.S. I started my recipe box on Great way to store recipes without all the clutter!
An Uncluttered Life!

BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Cole Slaw
Rocky Road Bites

Classic Meat Loaf (Sandra Lee's book S.L. Semi-Homemade Cooking 3 pg 20)
Smashed Potatoes (Rachel Ray)
Garlicky Green Beans

Meat Loaf sandwiches
Oven fries (Ore Ida : coat with olive oil, salt, pepper, 1 T rosemary, sprinkle with garlic powder, toss and bake)
Yogurt Parfaits : layer vanilla yogurt with granola and fresh fruit

Bollito Mistro
Spicy Baked Macaroni (see Bollito Mistro page and find link below it!)

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Farrah said...

oooh! It all sounds good, especially the oven fries!