Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to My Cucina

Frustration. Can I share some pics with you? A peek inside my beloved kitchen. A place where I would spend hours watching the Food Network and cooking up a storm, whether we were hungry or not.

Let's start at the beginning. The sink area. A place where one needs lots of space to wash, chop and sort.

Moving on to the stove area. Where one needs lots of room to simmer, saute, and cook.

Onward to the fridge. Where one needs plenty of space to decide what to eat at midnight - I mean, unload necessary items for healthful snacks and nutritious meals.

Now, the micro (now standing in place for the oven) is one of my new Dacor appliances that I so lovingly picked out. It is a convection oven/microwave which will sit in a beautiful cabinet that was built today. I saw it in my husbands, I mean, my general contractor's shop. I no longer refer to the builder of this project as my husband due to the fact that I need to love him and sleep next to him every night. I found that if I refer to him as my general contractor (which is his profession by day) then I can nag him, I mean, ask him politely to "please get this kitchen done......................".! while I love my husband to bits.
Anyway, the micro is now sitting on a piece of plywood awaiting its new home.

Last, but certainly not least, is my pantry. I've always wanted a unit that would allow me to see everything at once.

I'm having a big family party next week. My general contractor promised, in front of my mom, that the cabinets would be finished by Saturday, April 5th, the day before the party. I am now going to take pictures of this sad, sad, soap opera. Did I mention we ripped out my kitchen last October??

Anyone out there with a few horror stories about your remodels? I'd love to hear about them and not feel so lonely! After the party, I'll take pictures of our "not yet done" side yard, brown coated exterior on our house, and master bath that is "almost done" if 2 years means "almost".

I'm not complaining, really. As my husband, I mean, general contractor says, "If I'm not out there working on other people's houses, how will I have the money to pay for ours?" Silly me.

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