Friday, March 7, 2008

Totally Confused

I am in a tech class right now trying to learn all about google. To say that I am lost, would be very kind. Why do you think I am blogging, rather than following along with this super techno savy brainiac. I have figured out how to make a calendar, though. You can't have an uncluttered life without a calendar. Did I mention that I am also a list maker? Can I get an Amen out there! Here's to all the list makers in the world. I wish nothing but things crossed off your list today and everyday. Alright, I'm just rambling because I am avoiding the cybersphere. I really do have to get back to this class. Did I mention that I was in Palm Springs? If I get anymore overwhelmed, I'll have to call in for a sick day and rest by the pool!
Happy googling,

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