Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Quiet House

There are many reasons why I love a quiet home.
1) The baby sleeps.
2) Go back to #1

Our faithful pup, 14 year old, Bo, has been hacking away during the night for months now. Several weeks ago, my husband and I seriously thought about putting him down, but we just didn't feel the time was right. Even though he wakes us up at all hours of the night with his coughing, we roll over and say, "Please, Lord, just a few more minutes of sleep". Then the baby cries.

One thing I notice never fails. The minute I get the baby asleep - Bo starts in with his cacophany of wheezing, hacking, and eventual throwing up sounds. This morning at 4:00 AM was no different. Put the baby in the crib, the downstairs musical begins, and I run to slam, I mean quietly shut the door in .05 seconds flat.

I bring the baby in from the car yesterday - asleep. I no sooner get the door open, Bo sees us, the overture begins for an afternoon concert. No matter how much stern whispering I do, Bo does not give in. Like any weathered grandpa, Bo's age is showing.

About a month ago, our neighbor got a puppy. An adorable chocolate lab with a winning personality. Bo found a playmate. This old, hanging on by a thread, dog of ours now leaps across the grass and pins the pup under cars like no other. He has been renewed. The hacking has lessened, a bit. I'm happy for Bo.

This morning, Austin fell asleep so sweetly in my arms while we watched Sesame Street in bed. I have to tell you, as an adult, I am really enjoying Sesame Street - so clever!! Anyway, the babe fell asleep, and I wasted no time in getting Bo in the backyard. The babe has been asleep for almost 2 hours. Unheard of. This baby NEVER sleeps for more than a total of 40 minutes everyday. I think I finally found the answer. Poor Bo. But how sweet is a quiet house?!

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