Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Well, I feel like I'm finally catching up. Tomorrow night is Bingo, and I've dubbed it a St. Patrick's Day theme. I'll be serving corned beef and cabbage with some green concoction for "cocktail" time (which reminds me I still have to check out Sandra Lee's recipes on out.....)

Let's rehash the day........
Started out pretty well. Except that I'm not sleeping at night. I got a migraine yesterday, during my ovulation, which means I'm NOT pregnant (thank you, Jesus), and I was awake throughout the night either dreaming, worrying about the funky way Austin was breathing (I think he was dreaming), or dodging my husband's wandering hands. I was just toooo tired. So when I woke up, I once again, thanked Jesus, that my sweet husband had my coffee in hand as I opened my one eye. Of course, Austin was promptly placed on the pillow next to mine for morning snuggling which woke me up in a beautiful sort of way.

School had it's usual fun and interesting moments. Let's not rehash the behavior problems that occurred, and the fact that I actually had to drive my car to pick up a parent to sit in my classroom so he could babysit his son while I could teach part...... ok.

Back at home, Austin took his daily swim in the jacuzzi after I dropped Ashley off at Hollisters (her place of employment for the moment). It was a lazy afternoon, and I was able to catch up on a few blogs.

I'm excited to report that the general contractor in charge of my kitchen is halfway through building the cabinets. He has promised me (in front of my mom) that he would try and have the kitchen done by April 6th when our huge family party will be happening in my home. We decided to celebrate all the Feb., Mar., and April birthdays in our family on one day - that wipes out 10 people in one fell swoop! Yipee!!

Oh - did I mention that we bought a house in Palm Springs last weekend. After the conference, Todd, Ashley and a friend, Austin and I played and had a great time on Saturday and Sunday. We ended up looking at a great house - 3 bedroom, 2 bath, family room, air conditioning, new appliances in kitchen, pool, jacuzzi, front courtyard with fountain, and new carpeting in the bedrooms - and decided to buy it. This makes our second home and we own 2 duplexes. We are very excited about this. Our goal is to someday sell it all - or maybe keep renting it - and buy land somewhere between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo and build a bed and breakfast. This will have a "Yankee Workshop" kind of place for Todd to do his woodwork, with a garden and amazing kitchen for me. Wrap around porch is a must as well. We would like to have the elementary school kids come over and tend the garden, learn to cook, and learn about woodworking in the shop.

I sure hope this dream comes true.

Bed and Breakfast sounds so sweet, but we'll have to wait and see if I really have people in my home that I have to daily tend to. Being old with a 7 monther has reminded me how much I loved lying on the couch eating Baked Lays reading Martha Stewarts Living magazine in my previous life 8 months ago.

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