Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Did I Get So Busy?????

Just a week ago, I would come down to the office once Austin was put to bed (about 6 PM) and blog for hours. Whether it was writing a blog, reading one of my favorite bloggers, or going out into unknown territory to meet new and amazing women.

But now, I am scrambling just to get this out there.

I actually have a tinge of guilt if I don't have something new to say. Perhaps that's because I am a wee bit disappointed when I go to one of my favorite blog sites and there isn't a new post!

Soooo, because of this new found guilt, I have chosen to write to anyone out there that

1) I miss our time together
2) I need to get in the shower
3) AI is on in 8 minutes
4) I put Austin to bed with his clothes on because he fell asleep in the car on the way home, and I won't be able to sleep well if he isn't all cozy in his clean jammiesand
5) I promise to blog tomorrow.

Until then,

Oh, I do have to say that even though Kristi Lee Cook is adorable and can sing, I think she should be the one to go tonight....

Ok - I now only have 6 minutes.........

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