Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Are You Into This Month?

Found this link at Adventures in Babywearing and thought it sounded fun and interesting.
(I can't use the word "interesting" too often around here because Ashley has a tendency to think I think she's up to something!)

What are you into this month?
Pretty much blogging, American Idol, Golden Spoon, Austin's outings, and finding new ways to teach my low group in Reading.

TV Show I'm loving
AI, CBS morning news with my coffee in bed

Music I'm loving
I am not a big music person. I can sing along, but I never know who is singing what song.

My Favorite Blog Entry this month
Fiddledeedee is great for a laugh every time. I love the one when a six year old is trying to sell her girl scout cookies.

Blog I am always visiting
2nd Cup of Coffee is a great site! Go there for an American Idol blow by blow if you ever miss an episode.

What are you into?


Glass Half Full said...

Coffee in that sounds good!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

We're into AI too, and I also am thinking about that coffee in bed!