Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just back from Palm Springs

My husband and I are driving to Palm Springs these days as if it's a trip to the local market because I forgot to buy milk.

It is 2 hours away, but once you travel a road enough times, landmarks become familiar, and it actually seems as if it goes faster!

We bought a house out there, and we are decorating it, shipping old furniture from our house out there, and becoming indebted to IKEA. It is so cute, though! We have been going out on Saturday at 4PM once the truck is packed and coming home Sunday around 2PM

Besides that.... this is my last week of school! Yahooooo! The bummer is that I will be leaving this school site after 10 years and moving to another school. I have boxes all over my room, and my friend and aide in the classroom is helping me sort through EVERY book, EVERY paper, and EVERY file. Talk about too much stuff! Thank God I am not a keeper, or stuffer, or whatever you call someone that hangs on to things. I'm of the opinion that if I haven't used it, worn it, needed it, or liked it for 6 months it becomes the official property of Goodwill. I would clean out my daughter's rooms when they were little and hide the stuff in the garage. If they didn't ask for anything in the "going away" bag, then it left our house for good!

This leads to a very "uncluttered" life!

I hope to be back by Thursday - my first day of summer. Then I can share pics of Ashley's graduation, Austins first haircut, Kalie back home, and just the general craziness around here. Oh yeah, and a kitchen update.

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