Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Update

Thank God for weekends.

Friday was a whirlwind of working until 1:00, a baby shower in the afternoon, then Ashley's senior banquet that evening.

Saturday was relaxing in the backyard, swimming with Austin, shopping a Walmart for nothing in particular which = $137.00. How does that happen?? Same thing at the grocery store - go in for milk and eggs - come out with enough food for 3 weeks of good eatin! I ended the evening with church. I'm starting to do this a lot more now. If we have no Saturday evening plans (which my husband tries to avoid at all costs - he's the sit in a chair, watch a movie, and asleep by 9:00 kinda guy)then I head off to church.

Our church, Cottonwood Christian Center (can be seen on TBN and KCAL 9 for those in the LA area) pastored by Bayless Connelly will be moving to our new home the last week of June. This is tremendously exciting. This amazing man preaches 2 Saturday evening services and 4 services on Sunday. He knows the Word of God and he preaches grace and salvation. In our new home, which seats 4,000, yes, we are growing my friends, he will only have to preach a total of 3 services. Anyway....

Today started off with playing with Austin, then headed out to breakfast with a girlfriend. She introduced me to a fantastic new place with homemade muffins, sticky buns, and other delicious treats. I hear the treadmill shouting my name.....
Then my husband I got our weekly Shiatsu. If you've never had a Japanese style massage, I highly recommend it. Good for the body, good for the soul!

In the afternoon, I attended the Gold Award ceremony for one of my girl scouts. I've been a leader since Ashley was in Kindergarten. They are all now seniors off to UCLA, USC, Colorado State, etc.... It is awe inspiring when you see what these girls are capable of!

Dinner was Turkey Stroganoff - an old family favorite. Austin is sleeping, Todd and Ashley are watching Pirates of the Carribean, and I am ready for bed. But, tonight is the beginning of "The Next FoodNetwork Star" which I'll need to stay up to watch. Anything with food and competition is good watchin in my book!

Have a great week! Can't wait for next weekend!

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I just found your blog and wanted to say hello. I enjoyed my visit.