Sunday, February 24, 2008


I've decided to start a monthly Bingo group. I used to play Bunko once a month, but I got tired of talking and counting dice at the same time. I'm kinda excited about this new game. My hairdresser was telling me about her group: they pick a theme night once a month and the hostess makes appetizers and drinks to fit the theme. My theme will be St. Patrick's Day. Green everything. I'll make corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot and serve some green looking drink - Sandra Lee is famous for her "cocktail time" so I'll check out her books to see what looks good!

The last time I played Bingo I ended up buying a house.

I was up at our vacation spot in Big Bear sitting on the balcony, drinking coffee, and asking God about whether I should buy the house I grew up in or not. I wasn't hearing much from Him, so I said, "Ok God, if I see a fish jump out of the lake then I should buy the house". Is there anyone else out there that always asks for signs?? Well, it must have been about 2 minutes later when I saw a fish jump in the lake, then another fish jumped, then another fish jumped. I sat there looking quite perplexed. 3 fish. I only asked for one.

I shook my head, got up from the balcony and headed out to play Bingo in the rec room. I especially love Bingo in the rec room. Really any competitive game I'm up for. So, on the way to the rec room I said, "Ok God, I asked for 1 fish and I saw 3 fish jump in the lake, so if I win the third game of Bingo then I'll know it was you, and I should buy the house." For me, whenever I ask for a sign, it always seals the deal one way or another.

So there I was about to play picture frame for game number three and as the caller kept calling numbers I was getting pretty close. But I'm a looker. Not a a gorgeous gal kinda looker, but I like to see how everyone else is doing, so I look around a lot. I was a little nervous because a few others were getting close. Finally I heard G50 and it was all over. "BINGO!" I yelled, and I knew I'd be buying the house. Isn't God good. He shows us our future in jumping fish, Bingo, and pretty much anything else we can think to ask for.

Well this time around I'm only looking for some laughs and fellowship with other Bingo lovers, but you never know!

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