Tuesday, February 26, 2008

100 Things About Me

  1. I'm not sure if I can think of 100 things
  2. I'm a libra
  3. I teach special education
  4. 4th - 6th grade
  5. at a technology magnet school
  6. I have 2 biological daughters
  7. 1 biological son
  8. 2 step daughters
  9. I love the beach
  10. Chocolate is my fix all
  11. I tried Weight Watchers
  12. but ate too many points
  13. I worked out for 10 years
  14. then hurt my back
  15. I love to run
  16. but can't anymore because of my back
  17. this is easier than I thought
  18. I love my silver hoop earrings
  19. I accepted Jesus when I was 13
  20. mainly because I was afraid to go to hell
  21. now I know better
  22. I have a master's degree in special ed
  23. I have a student teacher in my class right now
  24. I lost all my baby weight except 6 pounds
  25. I love American Idol
  26. which I just realized I am missing right now
  27. I love Food Network
  28. I want to be on The Amazing Race
  29. I was on Hollywood Squares
  30. and won 4 times
  31. earning over $40,000
  32. so I bought the staff at school lunch
  33. I have traveled to Europe twice
  34. cruised the Mediterranian from Greece back to Washington DC
  35. I'll never cross an ocean on a ship again
  36. I get sea sick
  37. cruised down the Danube river
  38. on a riverboat
  39. from Hungary to Germany
  40. saw Elton John perform at a castle in Austria
  41. I stood outside the gates peering in
  42. so I saw it for free
  43. I went to Japan
  44. and stayed in the Japanese Alps
  45. also in the major cities
  46. I've been to Israel by myself
  47. actually with Benny Hin ministries
  48. I was born into a Jewish home
  49. I'm going to see Kalie in Virginia in May
  50. also to Cabo San Lucas in May
  51. I love Big Bear
  52. I love teaching Math
  53. I don't love teaching writing
  54. I type fast
  55. I love to cook
  56. My husband has only had the same dish about 3 times
  57. I make a new recipe every night
  58. I have an idea for a new Food Network show
  59. Cooking weight watcher type dinners
  60. I'm thinking about becoming a principal
  61. I have a sister
  62. and two brothers
  63. this is getting harder
  64. I drive a Saturn
  65. I love hands free calling
  66. and Onstar
  67. I went to Antigua
  68. and Barbados for my honeymoon
  69. I'm part of a group of gals called the lemondrops
  70. we've known each other for years
  71. I don't like to dance
  72. My kitchen is torn up right now
  73. I cook on a campstove
  74. hooked up to a propane can
  75. but I still do gourmet!
  76. Austin is my little joy
  77. I miss Kalie
  78. Ashley graduates in June
  79. I eat oatmeal for breakfast
  80. I was going for the junior olympics in skiing when I was younger
  81. but I hurt both knees
  82. going down a run at Mammoth
  83. I went to Mammoth almost every other weekend
  84. while I was growing up
  85. to ski and frolic
  86. I almost became a court reporter
  87. I drive too fast
  88. and get too impatient on the road
  89. I pray about this every morning
  90. I listen to christian radio
  91. I sleep on my side
  92. or snore on my back
  93. I worry if Austin is too cold at night
  94. so I check on him a lot
  95. and fall in love with him more
  96. everytime I see his face
  97. This wasn't very hard
  98. I love a challenge
  99. I was the only one in my grade school
  100. to earn the President's Physical Fitness Award all 6 years

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