Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some days are better than others.....

I like a hot summer day or a nice rainy day over a windy day..
I like lazying around reading magazines (I subscribe to Rachel Ray, Family Fun, and More)
Other days I love cleaning and making sure my house is spic and span...
Today is a shopping day! Another winner!

First, I'm getting my nails done (long overdue), then I'm taking Austin, Ashley, and Kalie to pick out wind chimes for their grandma's backyard. My precious mom has wind chimes hanging all around a back covered patio, and Austin LOVES them. EVERYTIME we are at her house he runs to the backyard first. We need to hit each one (a time or six) and make them ring. Unfortunately, some are down to one chime hanging there all by their lonesome as they are old, falling apart, and apparently not suppose to be hit so often. So, for Mother's Day, she is getting 3 new wind chimes!

Yesterday, Todd gave me a gift card to Home Depot for Mother's Day. He knew I wanted new flowers to plant in our beds, so I'm off to gather some new plants! Yahoo!!

Then, after all the shopping, planting and sweating, I'm getting my hair done at 4:00. I think I'll arrange a babysitter (Kalie) and take my husband out for dinner to top off the day.

Tomorrow I'm having my family over for brunch. I'm making a baked french toast with blueberries. It's made with Hallah, so it should be nice and light. It's from At Home with Giada, if you watch Food Network! I'll serve sausage and bacon, scrambled eggs with melted cheese, and fruit on the side. Perhaps Mimosa's would be nice for the adults - but I think I'll check out Sandra Lee's cocktails for a more inspiring drink.

Whatever you do tomorrow, I hope it's wonderful! Happy Mother's Day!

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