Friday, April 17, 2009

Laid Out Flat

My back is acting up again. Two years ago, I herniated a disc in my back - 1 cm. It took awhile of physical therapy, shiatsu treatments, and lots of TLC for it to work its way back to normal.

This is my Spring break week! And boy, was I excited. I had been putting in 10 - 12 hour days at work, and I was so looking forward to catching up on a few things at home and playing with Austin. Sure enough, the beginning of the week was overcast. Perfect for cleaning out the medicine cabinet, calling to reduce our interest rate on our mortgage, and trying out a few new recipes.

By Wednesday, I knocked everything off my To Do list and was feeling awesome. Except for an occasional tweek in my lower back. Waking up Thursday, I knew it was all over. My back was stiff and I couldn't lift Austin out of his crib. Thank God for my 76 year old mom who continually amazes me with her unbounding energy and love.

She is over EVERY morning at 6:30 to play with her precious grandson when he wakes up. It is so special for both of them. Well, she helped get him up, and she played with him for an hour before she had to leave for work.

Todd was already gone, and of course, both girls were sleeping. So I slowly got Austin a book to read and played for awhile. Then we went to do a couple of errands, which began to make my back feel a little more strained.

I needed to make a choice though, on the way home. Do I lay on the couch and let my son ran rapid through the house, or should we go to the park and let him play on the swings and slides. I chose the park. I felt walking slowly around him was a better choice than demolishing my house and running after him anyway.

The park was beautiful. Lots of kids, moms and children, and gorgeous weather. But my back stiffened more. By 12:00 we headed home, and thankfully Todd was there to put Austin down for his nap.

I went to the chiropractor at 3, got a small bit of relief and now I'm making dinner. I just popped in to get the Parmesean crusted fillo dough recipe which is stuffed with asparagus. Someday, I'll post my menu again.

Hope your days have been productive and pain free.....

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