Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Commitment

Workouts, dieting, saving money, patience, kindness...
these are the things that I almost daily try to commit myself to doing. But, alas, today I'm going to add "Write on your blog daily to keep a record of Austin's growing up" to the list. I tend to do better when there is a reason for doing something.

So, in an effort to make good on my new commitment, here goes....

Well, my darling, precious son, whom I could eat up with a spoon because you are so full of sugar, today you are home with your sister, Kalie, watching you. Your daddy is busy now! Yahoo!! Being out of work for more than 7 months makes for stressful times!

You are getting over a cold, but unfortunately our swimming pool and waterfall are your most favorite places on the entire planet and you really want to dive in! Yesterday, you turned 22 months old, and already you swim with only a light vest on. You jump by yourself off the waterfall and diving rocks giving your poor Mama quite a scare. But Daddy encourages this. You absolutely LOVE it.

With being sick and all, you stand at the back sliding door and beg for someone to turn on and off the waterfall. Thus, you are now learning these two words. At this time, you only say up, Mama, Daddy, and a resounding "YEEEAHHHHH". Now, you say "off" like a German clearing his throat. A lot of guttural sounds in it. This is not to say that you don't speak. You chatter non stop! And, you know what EVERYTHING means.

You still love going to Grammie's house and having everyone hit the wind chimes. You can now crawl up onto her planter box and walk along smacking a few of your own. This and opening and shutting her kitchen door are the favorite things to do their now. We go for walks daily, and you know all the houses that have flags, wind chimes or other paraphernalia hanging from the front porch before we even get there!

You are precious beyond words. Your sisters are about to enroll in summer school at the local college and try to knock a few more classes off their list. Kalie has spent much time watching you, but her and Ashley both work for the same company and log many hours there as well. Perhaps they will be moving out soon.....

Last night, Todd made some delicious BBQ'd ribs, and we had sweet potatoes on the side. I think we will have left overs tonight, but I'm going to make an apple tart I saw on Pioneer Woman's site. Look on my sidebar and click on her blog for some wonderful recipes, photography, homeschooling ideas, and her everyday life in the country. She won the Blog of the Year Award last month!

Anyway, that's enough for now. Tomorrow, I will start to gather free summer ideas and post a few! Only 2 1/2 weeks of school left. Can I hear and AMEN, and excuse the noise, that's me singing the Hallelujah chorus off my front porch!

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