Friday, May 29, 2009

Day Two....

I'm stuffed. I just threw a pizza party for my students at school, and guess who is eating all the leftover pizza. I actually feel dizzy.
We are celebrating learning our parts of speech: nouns, verbs, pronouns, conjunctions, etc.... We made a pizza out of tagboard and construction paper and then each slice was a part of speech. As they learned each one, they chose four words to represent and wrote them on their toppings (olive, pepperoni, mushroom, & sausage). Being that I am at school now, and have no way of getting a picture, you'll just have to imagine the cuteness! Anyway, we topped it off with our own pizza party, and this is why my pants won't fit for the afternoon session.

I've decided to post on my lunch break since I sit in front of a computer, I have time on my hands, and I'm not one to snub a commitment - except for dieting and working out.

Today, Todd took Austin to the doctors. The cold is in his chest, and he has quite a cruppy cough, but thank God it isn't in his ears. So, Tylenol for a few more days, and hopefully we will be swimming again soon.

I just finished reading two good books; a series, if two books constitutes a series. The first is Daughter of Fortune and the second was My Life in Sepia. The first takes place during the Gold Rush, and it's about a young girl living in Chile. She falls in love and when her man leaves for the fortune in California, she stows away on a ship to track him. Easy reading, nice historical information, fun fiction. Book two is told from the granddaughter's perspective years later.

Not much else. Just trying to plan a trip to San Diego soon for some Sea World action. What are you doing for summer travel this year?

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