Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm A Leavin, On a Jet Plane.....

The day is here. Todd leaves for Alaska for 6 weeks.

Several months ago I began praying about our summer finances. I'm a teacher - so no worka for me in the summer! That was a pact I made when I signed my credential and sang the hallelujah chorus on my front porch.

Todd, being a general contractor, gets work. And then sometimes doesn't. Well, for the first time in a looooong time, he didn't have another job after he wrapped up the last one. Scary times.


Like I said, I had begun to pray back in May about the future. Or the next couple of months. whatever. And the Lord laid on my heart very clearly that July would be nada and August something would happen. I have been praying for years now that Todd would become an "employee" of a company, rather than own our own business, and we would not have to pay for

liability insurance
worker's compensation

you get the picture.... Oh, just to receive bountifully, and not have to give it back every April. When it comes out of your weekly check, it doesn't seem to have the same effect on me.

So, when the call came a couple of weeks ago that his old company wanted to rehire him, I resumed my spot on the front porch and began belting out the chorus like never before.

Two days ago he signed his contract! Today he leaves. That part kinda sucks. But, on the other hand - since I am trying to look at the bright side..... here's my list!

1) Clean house
2) I don't have to cook dinner
3) Which means no dishes
4) I can sprawl out on my bed whichever way I choose
5) No petty arguments (especially when he mentions I should put a few blonde streaks
back in my hair)

Yeah - the list is pretty puny considering how much I'm going to miss him.

Austin and I might be flying up to Anchorage to meet him in a couple of weeks. We'll see... until then, I'll just have to use up all that free time doing something else... Did you say, "Shopping??"

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