Sunday, May 25, 2008

A lesson in taking medicine

What child/baby likes to take medicine? Especially with a syringe stuck in your mouth.

For the last 7 days, Austin has had to take not one, but two, different types of medicines. The first couple of days there was a lot of squirming, crying, and even throwing up. It did not go well.

Then about 4 days ago, we told him it was medicine time, and there was only a little whimper. Todd held him in the cradle position while I put the syringe to his mouth. He tightened his little lips, but then slowly opened his mouth. It takes four pushes on the syringe, giving 1/4 t each time, to make medicine time complete. It is a very full syringe. With each 1/4 t, Austin would open his mouth and wait for the next dose of his nasty medicine before swallowing.

Because he is taking his medicine so nicely,
1) it goes faster
2) is easier on everyone
3) he is getting better

I started thinking about the way we act when we need to take our medicine. A little dose of humility, a shot of attitude adjustment, a syringe full of conviction.

One of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to remind us of various things. I pray the next time I need to take my medicine, I see Austin laying in his daddy's arms opening his mouth ready and willing for his portion.

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