Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Falling off the Bed and the Garbage Truck

What an exciting morning!

Many firsts for Austin. We started out the same - Todd came in with my coffee (God bless the husband that brings coffee to his sleepy wife in bed), and Austin followed closely behind. At 7:00 Sesame Street began the day. As an adult, I am really enjoying this show. It is so much better than the gossip and gore on The Early Show.

Of course, I needed to wash my hair this morning. So, in a rush, I asked Ashley to watch Austin while I jumped in the shower and made quick time with the shampooing. In record time, I was out and blow drying (the dreaded task of women with medium length hair). Ashley left for school, I smiled at Austin, and carried on this laborous task. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I watched as in slow motion, Austin rolled off the end of the bed landing on a heap of large cushy pillows. From there he rolled again off the large cushy pillows to the floor doing a complete roll on the hardwood.
WOW! I don't know who was more shocked! I ran to him as his eyes began to well up, but the little champion didn't even shed a tear. He simply looked around, shook his head, and I'm sure wondered what on earth just happened.

Just then, we heard it. The Garbage Truck! Austin had never seen the garbage truck before. With my hair somewhat dried, we ran for the door. I opened it just in time to see our can being lifted high in the air. Austin was amazed! We hustled out to the sidewalk to catch the neighbors cans being emptied, then across the street to see the cans go flying on the other side. Silent amazement! It was almost as sacred as watching a hovering helicopter. Quiet, heavy breathing with a small shudder every now and then.

How awesome is it when we get to share these special moments with our children?

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