Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dear Austin

Sweet baby boy. You are such a delight. For the past week you have been sick with a cold, maybe the flu, but a runny nose and cough for sure!

We got back from Virginia, where you were such a trooper. We flew on 4 different airplanes going there and back, and the moment we started the take off, you fell asleep in my arms. On 3 of the planes, you slept the whole way! The longest flight, from LAX to Philadelphia, you played in Grammie's and my lap and flirted with the flight attendant. She was so taken with you - she pinned you with United wings!

When we flew late into the night to get home Sunday, you were still a trooper, sleeping and playing so Mama could rest.

Monday was your first swim lesson. What fun you had talking with all the other babies there. You were a pro kicking your feet and splashing in the water. Since Daddy takes you swimming everyday - you had no fear!

But, a little cough followed the next day. You still played all day and were such a love. Wednesday, a little more of a cough, but Daddy wanted you to go to swim lessons again. I reluctantly said yes.

For the past 4 days you have had one whopper of a runny nose, slight fevers on and off, and a horrible cough. You still sleep through the night, except waking twice last night, and you are napping right now.

With not feeling well, you haven't had much of an appetite. But everything else is going along as if you were fine. You play, smile, shake your head "no" to everything, and clap your hands.

You are such a champion!

I love you, my little man. I hope you feel better soon.

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