Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back from Virginia

Wow! What a week!

After having leg/hip trouble last week, and a quick trip to Virginia to see Kalie, life is finally getting back on course.

My mom, Austin, and I flew out to Virginia Beach to spend a few days with Kalie. She is working at the Double Tree Hotel, but is quite lonely out there. She is a social butterfly, but she seems to be having difficulty making new friends. After being there, I can see why. There are plenty of Navy families, but not a lot of young adults! My ex brother-in-law was in the Navy for 20 years, which brought him to Norfolk. Kalie has been staying with her aunt and uncle, but unfortunately, no luck with the social aspect.

To make a long story short - she's coming home. She has set up some interviews with the hotel out here, and hopefully she will be hired. She's flying out for her sister's graduation in June. She also applied to a college out here, and she will either be starting the court reporting program or hotel management program in the Fall.

The best part of the trip was being reunited! She hasn't seen Austin in 4 months. That is eons in baby time. But what fun it was when she saw him clap for the first time, start eating real food by the bucket loads, and even waved once! He is growing sooo fast!!

When we got home, I got sick from the lack of sleep and air travel. I'm doing much better now! Austin started swim lessons this week!

I'll post more, but for some reason, I couldn't download all the pictures I took!

Anyway, I'll be posting a menu probably on Saturday. I went to the grocery store yesterday and had quite an experience. I'll save that story for tomorrow. AI is almost on - I think Syesha is cute, but I hope it's down to the 2 Davids.

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