Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day Off....

and I'm lovin it! I look forward to "free" moments throughout my day, but I'm beginning to miss Austin more and more when I'm free~

The other day we went to visit my sister's horse, Paisley, in hopes of getting Austin used to the sights and sounds of horses. We're hoping to get him to ride someday...

He went from shying away from all the horses to running in the field where Paisley was let loose. Finally, he began stroking her mane and even sat for a few seconds bareback. It is a fun trip to the stables!

Yesterday, we went to Carlsbad and drooled over the "Flower Fields". A mass of over 250,000 ronoculas (I have no idea how to spell that flowers name, but try it phonetically and it should work). Yellow, pink, red, white, multi-colored, grown in masses, and picked into beautiful bouquets. It was Kid's Day, so many children ran through the fields, had fun planting and face painting, played in the snow (trucked in for this event), and saw a Ronald McDonald show.

Today, Austin is with his daddy at a race car event. A friend of Todd's is trying to qualify his time in a certain category. Austin and Todd will cheer Justin on and marvel at all the loud sounds and fast cars. Meanwhile, I will wash linens, menu plan, watch cooking shows, finish Rachel Ray's magazine, and maybe look for bar stools.

Hopefully later today, I will, for the first time in a VERY long time, post a menu for the week. Not that anyone really cares, but I do take this accountability thing pretty seriously.... Not.

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