Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Kitchen I Can Be Proud Of.....

I'm posting this a little prematurely, because I still need to download the pictures. So they will follow shortly. But, I can say, the counter is in! The sink and faucets are in! Which means the dishwasher and garbage disposal work! The backsplash is in! A few accessories are up!

Still missing...... Cabinet fronts, my 4 drawers on each side of the sink, flooring and window treatments. All coming soon. Remember, I lived like an outdoorsman for over a year now!

Oh to cook where there is no plywood! I am a proud mama!

All this is because Todd is still not working. I should say "working and getting paid", because he is working plenty! He is taking care of Austin 5 days a week, cleaning the house like he's a bald headed Mr. Clean, and having his employee paint our house.

So, all in all, while life isn't perfect, for me it's coming along just fine.

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