Friday, September 5, 2008

On My Own Again....

I'm back from Alaska, started working with students, and managing to play with Austin 8 hours a day!

Alaska was beautiful. Laid out in a grid pattern, it reminded me so much of New York. Walking everywhere to get breakfast in the morning, shopping in the afternoon, dinner at night and everything in between. They had wonderful parks for Austin that overlooked Captain Cook's inlet.

Todd and I went to street fairs, and I bought my first Ulu. A hand carved rocking blade made with whalebone, ebony and something else quite beautiful. Todd got a hatchet type for cutting through chicken bones and such. I figure I'm safe in the house alone until he returns with that on my counter.

School is now in full swing as well. I have wonderful students this year. The class is low in academics but high in fun loving spirit, so I think all will be well.

Austin is just about to start walking. He walks "along" everything, and is now known for taking an occasional step before retreating to his fast and furious crawl. Babbling like crazy, but not a lot of language yet. He is all boy though. Loving his bucket, shovel, swing time, and playing at the mall.

He's now clammoring for my attention, so I'll post more later. And I promise to take care of the blue next time!

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