Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm not a video game player. I wasn't really into Pac Man. I don't play Play Station 2, WII, or Guitar Hero, even though we own all of them. I am surrounded by gamers.
However, I have found a game I'm thoroughly enjoying; It's called Farmville, and it's on Facebook.

First, you have to be on Facebook. Second, you go to the applications button and click on the corn icon. Then you can begin to create a farm.

I think I like it because I always felt I was a country girl. Yes, I like having a housekeeper, yes, I like sleeping in clean hotels, yes, I like buying my food in the grocery store, but every time I pick a tomato off our plant, I feel good all over!~

Farmville is my way of having a farm and living a little in the country. Many of my friends from high school have become my neighbors. It's fun to fertilize their crops, send them gifts, and stay connected. IF you begin to have a farm, or already have one, let me know so we can be neighbors!

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