Sunday, September 13, 2009

6 Things

1) We had a blast up in Big Bear the first week of September. It was perfect. The weather, the balcony which I sat on while I watched fish jumping out of the lake, the laid back tone for Todd, Austin & I, and the leisurely way we approached each day. Nothing more than laying around watching TV, boating on the lake, swimming in the pool, throwing rocks in the lake, and eating out! Perfection.

2) The night we came home from Big Bear, Austin came down with a high fever. Great. The fever lasted three days; the rash broke out soon after. I called the doctor and was told he had Rosiola. No problem. The rash would last 3 - 4 days while he played and acted totally like himself.

3) I started back to school on Wednesday, 9/9. My classroom is such a wonderful place to be. I worked all summer and then some to create a fun, energetic, clean, happy, bright, wonderful place to spend the day with my students. I think it paid off - everyone comments on how much they like the room. I'm so glad. What a blessing to go to work and love it!

4) Ashley and Kalie both started back at school, both are "in love", and both are working more than one job. It is precious time that I spend with them since they are both so busy!!

5) I cut my hair off! Jessica, my hair stylist, did a new look for me yesterday. I was so ready for a fresh look. She chopped off about 5 inches off the back. It's that new V line look - a little longer in the front and shorter in the back. When I take a picture, it will be posted.

6) Austin starts preschool tomorrow - and I'm going with him! He'll go two days a week for 2 hours each day. I have a wonderful friend that will sub for me in my classroom so I can attend each week with Austin. I'm so looking forward to this wonderful time with him!

That's it for now.....

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