Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Update

Well, I suck. Now I have to rely on my memory to recall facts about what fun we've been having this summer. Oh my.

First, Austin's birthday party on July 27th. On Sunday, the 26th, we had family and friends over for a swim party. Everyone had lots of fun eating, swimming, and singing Happy Birthday to Austin. It was easy, relaxed, and delicious. We served the typical summer fare: BBQ'd hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, chips and lemonade. A nice long dessert bar finished off the meal; my mom made special ice cream cone cup cakes for the kids.

Then on the 27th we reserved a cabana for our family at Wild Rivers and spent the whole day playing in the pools, on the slides, and laying in the sun. Austin's eyes could not have been bigger when we walked into the wet and wild wonderland! He is now swimming without a jacket, completely on his own, so he was free to run, jump and splash at will. Ashley's boyfriend, Sean, came with us, as well as my sister, so our total number was 10. Jaycie had a friend meet her there, so everyone had someone to keep them company on the vast number of water slides. For dinner, we all headed over to Ruby's for their $2.70 combo meal in celebration of their 27th year! Our Ruby's is at the end of our local beach pier, so after Austin played in the sandy playground we all headed down the pier for dinner. Quite delicious when you throw in chocolate shakes!

Since his party, we have had play dates, art classes, library story times, trips to Cabrillo Beach tide pools, park time, and friends over for swims. Last weekend, Kalie, Ashley, my best friend, Kalie's boyfriend, and mom all went to Vegas to celebrate Kalie's 21st birthday. All I can say is "Thank God I'm not 21 anymore". I did win $200 on a slot machine, stayed up and partied with Kalie until 2:30 AM, even though she and her boyfriend lasted several more hours, and had an all around fun time!

Austin has now found my lap once again, so I'm off to take him for a walk.
Until next time......

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