Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ralphs and Walgreens are now off limits.......

Being a creature of habit, I tend to drive the same way to the gas station, my work, the grocery store, or Target. But, recently I've noticed that Austin gets really excited when we pass any Ralphs (local grocery store on almost every corner) or Walgreens, even Walmart or Target.

Yesterday, I went to get gas and had Austin along for the ride. As we passed Ralphs, he held out his arms and began to make sounds like, "Stop the car, for goodness sake, we're about to pass Ralphs". I just quizzically looked at him in the rear view mirror, smiled, and replied, "Now now, honey!"

Then I pulled into the gas station. Across the street was Walgreens. The entire time I pumped gas, my darling angel looked out the window across the street crying. He had his hand raised as if the Lord himself was going to come down and unfasten his seatbelt. When I was through, I merely started the car and put on some loud baby tunes.

But, yes, we had to pass Ralphs again on our way back home. A smart woman would have veered to the right and left of that obstacle, but this well trained woman stayed on the straight and narrow and ventured right past it. What a mistake. I thought my baby would become unglued. I called my mom on my car phone so I wasn't alone with all that shrieking. Also, so I would have a witness if anyone in cars within a 3 mile radius heard his screams and reported me for child abuse.

We made it home. Instead of promising him ice cream after dinner tonight, I think I'll take him to Ralphs.

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