Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy Summer Days....

I love summer. Usually I love sleeping in, but that won't be happening again for another 10 years or so. Todd is still in the routine of kissing me goodbye at 6:30 and bringing me my coffee. Austin usually sleeps until 7:15, so I have 45 blessed minutes of laying in bed, sipping coffee, and watching the morning news.

We have been very busy - Sea World, a visit from in-laws and cousins, library story times, friends over to play, the beach, the playground, Adventure City, and on and on and on...... Everyday, I try and plan an outing that will take a few hours. So far we have had success!

Today my family is coming for a BBQ. I've made it a potluck so we are only in charge of the meat portion. This morning on The Early Show I saw the "Chef on a Shoestring" segment. He butterflied a whole chicken, sprinkled it with salt, paprika, and olive oil and grilled it for about 40 minutes. First skin side down to brown, the flip it over, put the lid on, and let it go! I think that's what I'll be serving!

I watched Farrah's story last night on Dateline. What a beautiful woman inside and out. It was such a tragedy. She fought so hard against her cancer. Yesterday while I was driving home, a girlfriend of mine was driving in front of me. She lives in Chicago, but she was driving her mom's car. I honked and followed her the couple of blocks to her mom's house. She told me she was in town because her mom had breast cancer. She had her breast removed, but complications arose. She's been here 3 weeks nursing her poor mom whom I've known all my life. After I left, I counted all the CLOSE friends I know that have personally had cancer: 4. Then all the acquaintances I know: 10. 14 people in my circle of friends. Too many.

I praise God for my families health. It is a reminder to cherish each day, cherish each person, and make positive choices.

This week, I've lined up breakfast, lunch and dinner dates with girlfriends, my in laws will be back on Wednesday (we'll go to the tide pools), and I need to look for a new SUV. Concert in the Park starts on Friday night! Hallelujah, I love summer!

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