Saturday, November 8, 2008


Boy, it's been awhile. Really - it's just been awhile since I posted anything. I've been faithfully reading my favorites everyday.

And, as I have been reading my favorites everyday, I have been feeling a tug to sponsor a child through Compassion Ministries again. My first husband and I did this years ago. And it felt sooo good. Many of the blogs that I read, Big Mama and The Pioneer Woman, have been writing about a trip to the Dominican Republic this last week where they had a chance (actually Marlboro Man and their two daughters) to meet children sponsored by this program.

If you were to come to my house right now, you would see an outdoor park located on my driveway: cars, motorized ATV's, slide, wagons, push toys, basketball hoop, tents, and various little do dads scattered all about. Now, I did not purchase all of these items. In fact, most were generously given to me by friends with older boys. Believe me, I am thankful - they each received Golden Spoon as a heartfelt thank you!

But, then check out those two other blog sites where they show numerous pictures of ramshackled houses, no toys littering anything, bare feet, ragged clothing, and some without a shred of hope on their faces. It will break your heart.

No child should live that way. I thank God for the pictures of the smiling children that know Jesus and have a hope that only I could dream of. They are not blinded by our "stuff" and are able to see the miracles that happen everyday. Although I know my God is alive and working, sometimes I can get caught up in all the "stuff" around me and "Forget all the benefits of the Lord" - which we are told not to do in Psalm 103.

Today, my husband is struggling for work. As a general contractor, life is up and down. I have gone back to work full time in order to secure our future. With our economy in a downward spiral, now is not the time to gamble with job security. Although I know we will be fine because God is and always has been faithful to our needs, I sometimes wished that we didn't have quite so much stuff. Life would be simpler without so much. Yes, I enjoy it, but I believe I could enjoy life on other terms as well.

I want to smile like a child in the Dominican. I've been there myself, and I know the hardships they face. I remember what fame was given to the only house on the street with an indoor toilet. We would leave in the morning to go build a church as chickens wandered about. We'd come home in the evening and eat chicken for dinner. The nights were spent singing praise songs to Jesus. A simple life. One that deserves food on the table, clothes on the body, shoes on the feet.

God has stirred in my spirit to give again to this important cause. I've seen the difference it makes.

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